1) Why use the hostess service?


The presence of Hostesses at an Event generates immediate profit for the promoting company which receives a significant image and organizational benefit.

Hostesses are a broad-spectrum resource, with experience in the field of Events, their presence being synonymous with efficiency and high standard. Their presence is very important in the reception and registration of visitors, but they also represent a significant help in providing basic information or in commercial support, in language support, to promote products and services, to serve beverages and food, etc.

The hostess can be a really precious resource, valuable for the perfect success of the event, essential to communicate a high quality standard.

On an emotional level, companies using as many hostesses as possible and especially the most beautiful ones are perceived by visitors among the most important at an event. The hostess is therefore also a status symbol.



2) Why pay an agency instead of procuring the hostesses directly, through the network of acquaintances, placing ads on the internet or searching the social network?


“Time is money” and entrusting the agency serves exactly to save both.


• The agency is able to suggest the most suitable profile according to each client’s specific requirements making full use of a large database of models, hostesses and promoters with professional qualifications, aesthetic features and various language skills.


• You will have at your service the agency’s long-standing experience in personnel selection for events and a 24-hour assistance service from bookers, who are able to immediately step in and solve in the shortest time possible any problem regarding the hostesses and the supplied personnel.


• Assistance is therefore the agency’s most important service and often a guarantee which is not worth giving up, given the cost and the strategic importance an event entails for participating companies. If the client were personally involved in the identification of hostesses and a resource were missing or, nevertheless, the need for replacement arose, the client might be in serious trouble or embarrassment. Especially for lack of available backup personnel, not to mention the time spent on the emergency.



3) Why choose Hostess World London - Eye On Model?


Eye On Model has been on the market for over 10 years and has a database boasting more than 30,000 profiles (approx. 500 in London). The bookers of Eye On Model agency are ready to deal with any client requirement, before, during and after the events. Eye On Model agency will be happy to provide you with all its expert advice necessary to deal with your needs for personnel, from image hostesses to those for the most various services.  Furthermore, Eye On Model is not present only in London with its branch HWL, but it can also be your sole interlocutor, not only for events throughout UK, but also in the whole Europe.



4) Who are the Hostesses and what are their profiles?


There are many types of hostesses, suitable to meet any client’s specific requirements.

We can identify three main categories hostesses fall under, at different levels.


• Model Hostess, for whom a high level aesthetic connotation is crucial. They are used in the field of fashion and luxury or to represent companies yearning for a top ranking and therefore investing a lot in appearance.


• Experienced Hostesses, who can even have technical, commercial and specific language skills mixed with an excellent standing. They are solicited to perform operational roles inside events, in charge with promotional and marketing activities, as assistants, for the reception.


• Promoters, who are ordinarily used for promotions or operational marketing actions. They are generally young girls or students who carry out this activity during their past time and they can meet various aesthetic standards, as well as various levels of skills. The agency is able to advise the client in the choice of the most suitable Promoter to its own requirements and suggests even the supply of a Team Leader assigned to manage and supervise the Promoters’ activity.



5) How to choose hostesses?


Based on your requirements for services, aesthetic or language preferences and on the budget you have available, the agency will help you choose the personnel with the most suitable profile. Click here to see the catalogue.



6) How important is the aesthetic aspect of the hostess?


The most powerful companies always go for the most beautiful hostesses. Hostess is not only a service, but also a Status Symbol, a connotation of image certifying the company’s quality level. For this reason HWL - Eye On Model wants to always suggest hostesses with a more relevant appearance than the one the client plans to show up with.



7) What to do when the hostess does not offer a service up to the level of expectations?


In these cases contact immediately the recruiting booker, who will step in to solve the situation and, if necessary, to replace the personnel within the shortest time possible. Bookers are available 24/7 and their professionalism and collaboration represent a precious guarantee for the success of the event.



8) Can I contact the agency outside opening hours?


For expert advice and estimates the agency is operational from 10 A.M. to 7 P.M. while for assistance to clients our agents are available 24 hours. Contact them, even on their mobile phones, any time, they will be happy to help you.



9) What services are included in the Supply of Hostesses?


• Direct assistance during the performances to prevent and solve potential problems.


• Selection of hostesses with standards of professionalism, languages, cultural level and appearance among over 30,000 profiles (approx. 500 in London).


• Support for briefing of collaborators, for attention to the dress code, for compliance with professional ethics dictating discretion, precision, punctuality, decency.


• Logistic arrangements for hostesses. The agency coordinates transfers and makes bookings for hostesses’ trips to the venues of the Event and takes care of potential hotel bookings, always in compliance with the client’s requirements and budget.



10) What are the additional services which can be requested?


• Supply of a Team Leader. If the client cannot personally supervise the Hostesses’ work, it is possible to ask the agency to provide a person to carry out precisely this assignment. Further guarantee for the success and organizational efficiency of the event.


• Bureaucratic procedures. Upon the client’s request, the agency can handle all requests for procedures in order to obtain permits for the performance of street marketing activities or for the occupation of public land in case of installation of stands or gazebos.


• Uniforms. All our hostesses have a formal outfit suitable for the work (black blazer with skirt or trousers, white shirt, décolléte high heel shoes) but, if the client wants to ensure a coherent appearance for all of them, it is possible to rent the uniforms which the agency makes available from the price of EUR 30 for all the duration of the event. The client also has the possibility to ask for the creation of outfits with customized design or to insert its own logo on t-shirts or other garments.


• A service is available for creation and graphic design, as well as for contents of advertising and illustration materials for the event: posters, flyers, leaflets, brochures, gadgets.


• Photo and video. It is possible to ask for a photographer or a video maker during the event in order to create material for documentation, advertising and social networks.


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